Croatia – traditional food

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Čobanac is a type of stew originated in Slavonia and Baranja. It is traditionally prepared from several types of meat (beef, veal, venison), onions and red peppers and cooked over several hours of fire in a cauldron. Carp on forks … Read More

Croatia – cultural happenings

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Fishermen’s days in Kopačevo were first held more than 2 decades ago in 1998. They are held in September, various fishing specialties are prepared during that time, and the main event is a fish festival where all those interested compete … Read More

Croatia – castles

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Eltz Castle Vukovar 18th century Baroque This castle was badly damaged in the Homeland War (some parts were demolished to its foundations) but was rebuilt in 2011. Pejačević Castle Našice 19th century Classicism (original), neo-baroque (after restoration) The kitchen was … Read More

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