Croatia – traditional food

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Čobanac is a type of stew originated in Slavonia and Baranja. It is traditionally prepared from several types of meat (beef, veal, venison), onions and red peppers and cooked over several hours of fire in a cauldron.

Carp on forks is a Baranja specialty. It is seasoned with salt and red pepper, and it is prepared by stabbing the carp on a wooden stake and grilling it.

Zlevka is a traditional dish of northern Croatia that was popular among the poorer population. It is made from eggs, sugar, salt, corn flour, milk, cottage cheese or sour cream, yeast and oil.

Zagorje štrukli are a traditional dish of Hrvatsko Zagorje and have been prepared there for hundreds of years. It is made by filling the drawn dough with a mixture of cow’s cheese, cream and eggs, and the interesting thing is that not only can it be sweet or salty, but it can also be cooked or baked.

Sinj arambašići is a traditional dish of the Sinj region in Dalmatia. The mixture of chopped beef and different types of dried meat (e.g. bacon) is seasoned with pepper, salt, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg and rolled in sauerkraut leaves.

Komiža bread comes from Komiža on the island of Vis. It is traditionally prepared by putting a mixture of home-grown tomatoes, onions and anchovies in the leavened dough, and seasoning everything with salt, pepper and oregano.

Soparnik is a Dalmatian dish that has been made in Croatia since the time of the Ottoman Empire. This is a very simple dish made from chard and onions and the simplest dough made from salt and water flour. It is baked on a tin base covered with hot charcoal, and after baking the charcoal is just removed from it and the soparnik is covered with olive oil and garlic.

Rožata is a traditional Dubrovnik dessert that dates back to the Middle Ages. It is a type of pudding that is prepared from milk, eggs, sugar and Rozalina (rose petal liqueur) and is baked in molds filled with caramel.