We are happy to present a manual produced during the cooperation between 8 primary and secondary schools from Hungary and Croatia as one of the leading products of the Transcultural Education Alliance project in Croatia and Hungary, financed by the Interreg Hungary-Croatia EU program.

TEACH was a 2-year project whose primary focus was to develop and implement cross-cultural educational activities for pupils with a new innovative approach and methodologies for this area. The project started in 2020 and faced the Covid19 challenge but successfully implemented all its perceived activities and accomplished many results.

This manual delivers practical know-how tested in the natural environment of multicultural classrooms in Hungary and Croatia. We advise that you consider your specific learning group and tailor a program that can benefit the students. Combine pedagogic workshops with pupils’ research of their identity, history, and community. Give pupils the space for sharing ideas and shaping join activities on the topics that interest them the most.