The aim of the project is that young people of the Baranya-Baranja region get to know the cultural differences and similarities of the two nationalities and to nurture the values of this multi-ethnic region. This strengthens their openness to other cultures and helps them in the evolvement of their identity. At the same time, we support the work of teachers working in Pécs and its twin city, Osijek, by developing educational tools and providing online training and mentoring.

A total of 200 students and 20 teachers from 8 primary and secondary schools (4-4 educational institutions per country) will take part in the program from both sides of the border, strengthening the links between the institutions.

Our main strategic goals are:

  1. to educate and empower teachers for cross-cultural learning 
  2. to create and implement interdisciplinary cross-cultural learning curriculum for primary and secondary schools 
  3. to development practical digital tools, materials and methodology for cross-cultural teaching
  4. to cross-border network and exchange of key stakeholders in education. 

Project will be conducted in border region (Osijek-Baranya County in Croatia and Baranya County in Hungary; Osijek and Dalj in Croatia and Pecs, Hetvehely, Godre in Hungary). Duration of the project is 20 months. Main target groups are teachers and pupils from 8 primary and secondary schools.